Whitley Schiller

Assistant Account Manager

Areas of Expertise: Marketing/Social Media, Writing, Research

Personal Interests: Whitley enjoys skiing, photography, snuggling with her cats and building furniture with her dad

Whitley became an Assistant Account Manager for Pac/West in 2020 after spending the previous year as a ski bum in Salt Lake City, Utah. As a 2018 graduate from Willamette University with degrees in Politics, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, she enjoys fostering dynamic discussions about the role of community in Oregon. Whitley grew up in Pendleton, Oregon, which gave her an intimate understanding of the value in fostering relationships between the community and private/public interests. She now works in Pac/West’s Hermiston office, and plans on expanding the company’s investments in Eastern Oregon by amplifying the rural/agricultural voices of these small, but mighty, communities.

E-mail: schiller@pacwestcom.com