Ryan Tribbett

Executive Vice President

Areas of Expertise: Public works infrastructure development and available funding mechanisms, renewable energy development, public contracting code, prevailing wage laws, and local preference laws. Ryan is particularly adept at reinventing new approaches to previously unsuccessful legislative battles, developing long-term goals with short-term benchmarks of success, and illustrating the human story behind line items in the budget.

Personal Interests: Cooking elaborate meals from scratch for family and friends, commentary and debate across the political spectrum, American History, and woodworking projects for his home or to give as gifts to family and friends.

Ryan Tribbett is one of our lead lobbyists in Salem. He has worked extensively with association management and consulted on many campaigns at both state and local levels. Since joining Pac/West, Ryan has focused on union construction issues for both labor and management. Ryan’s areas of expertise include but are not limited to Oregon’s public contracting code, funding mechanisms for public works/capital construction, renewable energy incentives and prevailing wage. He has been directly involved with the Legislature’s discussions surrounding Oregon’s current and future infrastructure and development needs, including the Columbia River Crossing Project, Connect Oregon, LNG terminals and the Business Energy Tax Credit Program.

Before coming to Pac/West, he served as a Policy Advisor and Chief of Staff in the Oregon Senate, well as the Campaign Manager and Field Director for several campaigns. Ryan has also planned and implemented several field plans, including a series of issue-oriented town hall forums and a statewide “Oregon Jobs” tour, which built a coalition of communities and elected leaders in support of the 2009 Jobs and Transportation Act – the largest and most environmentally friendly transportation investment package in state history.

Tribbett has a degree in political science and sociology from Portland State University.

E-mail: tribbett@pacwestcom.com