Organized Labor



“Pac/West has been there for the Oregon Building Trades Council every step of the way. They have helped us pass historic legislation, defeat attacks on organized labor, and taken us to a new and unprecedented level of success with digital communications.”

John Mohlis, OBTC


Pac/West has served the Oregon Building Trades Council (OBTC) for more than 20 years— protecting its brand identity and raising brand awareness, promoting favorable policies and working to defeat policies that would be harmful to its members.

The longevity of this client relationship is no accident. Pac/West has consistently delivered for OBTC: by setting long-term goals with short-term benchmarks for success, by quickly adapting to a changing landscape and by employing new technology.

When anti-growth groups launched an online attack to stymie large development projects, Pac/West led the charge for OBTC. Our team quickly mobilized, developing an aggressive digital media plan. One year later, the Oregon Building Trades Council has built an online following larger than any other state council in the United States.


2014 marked two decades of service from Pac/West to the same client. While the Oregon Building Trades Council is our longest standing client, Pac/West has represented several clients for more than 10 years, through several organizational changes and points of contact. We believe these longstanding partnerships are a testament to our ability to provide clients with a return on their investment.

Tour with U.S. Representative Greg Walden


Pac/West organized a tour of the Ironworkers Apprenticeship Training Center in Portland to show U.S. Representative Greg Walden, a top ranking Republican from Oregon, how they instruct the most highly-skilled construction workforce in the world.

Rally at Oregon State Capitol


Pac/West organized a jobs rally on behalf of OBTC. Hundreds of workers turned out on the steps of the Oregon State Capitol to spotlight OBTC’s policy agenda.

Meeting with Oregon Governor


Pac/West organizes quarterly strategy meetings on behalf of OBTC with the governor of Oregon.


When signs were banned from the Oregon State Legislature, Pac/West devised a clever solution for OBTC— oversized stickers that jobs advocates can proudly wear.


OBTC has an online following that is much larger and more engaged than any state chapter, making them a leader in digital advocacy and communications.

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