Health Care

Pac/West provides legislative, public affairs, marketing and digital expertise to our health care clients. We value the role of health care providers and excel at promoting their interests among the vast network of labs, treatment centers, hospitals, patients and other players in the industry.

Pac/West is a leading force for creating sensible health policies in this increasingly politicized industry. Pac/West president and co-owner Paul Phillips worked closely with Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (then Senate President) on the creation of the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program. Pac/West has since played a pivotal role in the implementation of health care transformation policies in the state.



In 2011, the Oregon Health Plan was at a crossroads. Privately-owned Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), which managed health care services for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), faced a major challenge: Oregon policy makers were contemplating a shift toward a state-controlled, single payer system that would jeopardize their operations.

The Coalition for a Healthy Oregon (COHO), with consultation from Pac/West, spearheaded a viable alternative to state-controlled health care. A new system was forged, transforming MCOs into Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs), allowing them greater flexibility and control in coordinating all physical, mental and dental health care.

The Pac/West team played an integral part in the Oregon Medicaid transformation, which has widely been acknowledged as a blueprint for other states. As a result of Pac/West’s involvement, COHO members are flourishing and have seen an increase in their client base
and revenues by more than 50 percent.


Our work for COHO demonstrates how we navigate a dynamic political arena and achieve policy goals by working with both sides of the aisle. Pac/West will continue to promote COHO as a trusted source for health care information across the state.

Simplifying Health Care Reform


Pac/West created informational handouts to explain health care reform in simple terms to lawmakers, medical professionals and the public.


Six months into our targeted social media campaign, we achieved widespread exposure in a limited market. We continue to build support for COHO to ensure a favorable political climate by telling the success stories of member organizations directly to stakeholders.


Our video series helped share the groundbreaking efforts of COHO member organizations with lawmakers, government regulators, the media and health care providers. Shown here are stills of a video highlighting WVP Health Authority’s “MOMS Program.” The MOMS program is a comprehensive case management plan targeting pregnant women at risk of substance abuse in Marion, Polk and Yamhill counties. The primary goal is the delivery of clean and sober babies.

“The integrated services that Pac/West offers have helped us establish a clear brand and define who we are and our value in the marketplace. They are not simply a lobby or marketing firm—they are the whole package.”

— Jan Buffa, CEO,
WVP Health Authority COHO MEMBER

Specializing in marketing, public relations, government affairs and more.