Corporate Tax Policy



“Intel’s collaboration with Pac/West has been a great investment. Not only did Pac/West have the foresight to see an opportunity to form a coalition that has created value for all of its members, but they had what it takes to identify a shared agenda and go get it done.”

Jill Eiland, Intel


In 1999, several of Oregon’s largest corporations—including Intel, Nike, Columbia Sportswear and Precision Castparts—recognized a need for a dramatic shift in Oregon’s corporate tax policy. The Smart Growth Coalition was formed to secure more favorable policies. It turned to Pac/West for leadership.

Our team educated legislators across the political spectrum and, by 2003, garnered bipartisan support to pass legislation establishing the single sales factor for Oregon. This new corporate tax policy spurred an unprecedented period of growth in Oregon’s manufacturing sector. Corporations added high-wage jobs and made significant investments in research and development. As a result, Oregon cemented its reputation as the “Silicon Forest.”

Our work for the Smart Growth Coalition has expanded to include the creation of a Qualified Research Activities Tax Credit in Oregon, the establishment of the Rainy Day Fund and the approval of a corporate minimum tax.


We partnered with several blue-chip corporations to form the Smart Growth Coalition. Together, we promoted business-friendly tax policies and advanced Oregon’s position as a pro-growth state.


We helped establish a Rainy Day Fund with bipartisan support. This fund sustains government during an economic downturn, thus protecting businesses from unpredictable and volatile changes to the tax structure.


Before Pac/West Involvement


Corporations were not only taxed on sales, but on payroll and property as well. This impeded businesses from adding high-wage jobs, investing in assets and reinvesting in more advanced operations.

After Pac/West Involvement


The single sales factor has allowed businesses to reinvest in themselves, adding jobs and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

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